Basic parameters:

Thermal power: 6,6-43,0* kW
Efficiency: 3700 m3/h
Mass: 21,8 kg
Colour: grey
Cover: Powder-painted steel with anti-corrosive coating
*min. - temperature of heating medium 40/30o C, air temperature at the supply to the device 20o C;
max. - temperature of heating medium 90/70o C, air temperature at the supply to the device 0o C
Product indexes:


Fan heater designed for indoor installation.

The AGRO ST is equipped with special fan with protection degree IP66 and aluminium-copper heat exchanger covered with protective coating resistant to corrosion. Epoxidized fins with increased thickness can be cleaned with compressed air.

Special mounting console enables easy and comfortable installation of the heater on the wall. It's construction ensures easy access to the rear part of the heater.



AGRO ST heaters are designed to operate in tough conditions so they are perfect for agricultural buildings, where there is high contamination of the air, high humidity and corrosion environment.


All of the FLOWAIR products have a complete control system. AGRO ST units are available with simple ON/OFF control system, which has low investment cost.


  • Construction – heat exchanger coated with special layer proof the unit against corrosion 
  • Lamellas on the exchanger are thicker than ordinary and can be cleaned with pressured air
  • Fan is equipped with three-phase IP66 motor 
  • Rotary console AGRO ST (option) enables 170° rotation of the device and easy installation on vertical surfaces, poles, pillars, etc. 

Technical data AGRO ST

Max. air flow range [m] 22
Power supply [V/Hz] 230 / 50
Max. current consumption [A] 1,8
Max. power consumption [W] 350
IP / Insulation class 66 / F
Max. acoustic pressure level [dB(A)]* 65,5
Max. heating water temperature [oC] 130
Max. operating pressure [MPa] 1,6
Connection ["] ¾”
Weight [kg] 22,8
Weight of unit filled with water [kg] 23,9

* Acoustic pressure level at a distance of 5 m from the unit, in the room of medium capabillity of sound absorption and 1500 m3 of cubic measure.

Main dimensions AGRO ST